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Asbestos companies database

Companies we have made asbestos claims against

Our dedicated asbestos disease team specialise in claims for asbestos related diseases such as pleural thickening, asbestosis, mesothelioma and asbestos induced lung cancer.

All of these conditions manifest many years after exposure to asbestos occurred and tracing previous employers or their insurers can be an extremely difficult task, a task that is sometimes unsuccessful. 

Our asbestos claims team often act for many of the trades that commonly came in to contact with asbestos such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, asbestos laggers, labourers, pipe fitters and welders to name but a few. 

This wealth of experience in acting for asbestos victims has resulted in us owning an extensive database of companies and their insurers whom we have previously pursued. 

The database we hold allows us to expedite claims when time is of the essence. We also use the database to cross reference trades and claims so vital evidence obtained in one matter can be used to the advantage of a new client in their claim.

If you have worked for any of the companies listed and have recieved an asbestos related disease diagnosis then please get in touch with our experienced asbestos claims team to find out if you can make a compensation claim. Call us on 0800 884 0718 or email

The companies we have previously pursued are listed alphabetically below:

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A G Manly
A Maude & Sons Limited
Adma Builders Limited
AEL (Woolwich) Limited
Aerostill Insulation Company Limited
Airfix Plastics Limited
Airvac Engineering Services Limited
Aiton & Company Limited
Akzo Nobel Packaging Coatings Limited
AL Etheridge
Alpeninox Refrigeration UK Limited
Andrew Sykes Group PLC
Apex Insulation Company Limited
Archer Joinery Company Limited
Arthur Holden Limited
Arthur Scull & Son Limited
Ashland Electrics Limited
Atcost Limited
Auto Tyre & Battery Company Limited
Avon Plumbing Services Limited
Avonmouth Docks

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B E Shepherdson
Babcock & Wilcox
Babcock & Wilcox Limited
Babcock Controls Limited
Babcock International Group Limited
Babcock-Bristol Limited
BAE Systems PLC
Bailey Meters & Controls
Balfour Beatty Construction Limited
Balfour Beatty PLC
Barking Power Station
Barnsley Brewer Company Limited
Barracks Fabric Printing Limited
Bayliss Kenton
Beaumonts (Manchester) Limited
Beeston & Stapleford District Council
Belevedere Power Station
Bells Asbestos & Engineering (Holdings) Limited
Benham & Sons Limited
Bennie Lifts Limited
Berkeley Power Station
Berkhamstead Boys School
Berkhamsted Timber Works Limited
Berkshire Fire Brigade
BICC Limited
Billy Rix (Hemel Hempstead)
Birmingham City Council
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company
Bison (Southern) Limited
Blackwall Power Station
Blackwell Stanistreet & Company Limited
Bovis Lelliott
Bovis Limited
Bow Power Station
BP Oil UK Limited
Bracknell Forest Borough Council
Braithwaite & Co Engineers PLC
BRB (Residuary) Limited
Brewman Western Limited
Brighton Power Station
Bri-Mac Contractors Limited
British Aerospace Limited
British Airways
British American Products Limited
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
British Cellophane
British Electrical Authority
British Gas Corporation
British Gas Group PLC
British Gas PLC
British Nuclear Fuels Limited
British Petroleum (BP) Limited
British Rail
British Steel Corporation
British Steel Corporation Limited
British Sugar
British Telecommunications (BT)
Brotherton & Company Limited
Brown & Richardson Limited
Broxtowe District Council
British Nylon Spinners Limited
Buckinghamshire Fire Brigade
BX Plastics Limited

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C A Parsons
C Bryant & Son
C Butt Limited
C C Lampitt
C J King & Sons Limited
C S Wiggins & Sons Limited
Cameron Mechanical Services Limited
Cammel Laird Ship Yard
Caparo Fabrications Limited
Cape Asbestos
Cape Asbestos Company Limited
Cape Asbestos Limited
Cape Building Products Limited
Cape Contracts Limited
Cape Darlington Limited
Cape Distribution Limited
Cape Insulation & Asbestos Products Limited
Cape Insulation Limited
Cape Intermediate Holdings Limited
Cape PLC
Capper Pipe Service Company Limited
Cardiff Electric Power Station
Carillion Construction (Contracts) Limited
Cascade Water Coolers Limited
Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB)
Chapman & Willan Limited
Chatham Dockyard
Chiswell Street Brewery
Chloride Group PLC
Christiani & Nielsen Limited
Circle Insulation Company Limited
Clan Lines
Claudgen Limited
Colthrop Board Mill
Concrete Limited
Contain Limited
Cooperative Group Limited
Cooperative Group Romford
Corus UK Limited
Costain Group PLC
Coventry Pressworks
Crayonne Limited
Crevic (Thundersley) Limited
Crossflow (H V & A C) Limited

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D K Marine Electrical Company Limited
Danks Holdings Limited
David F Wiseman & Sons Limited
Department for Business and Skills Innovation
Derwentside District Council
Devonport Dockyard
Dicks Asbestos
Dicks Eagle Insulations Limited
Didcot Power Station
Dorman Long Limited
Drake & Scull (Scotland) Limited
Drake & Scull Engineering Limited
Drax Power Station
Ducatt Heating Company Limited

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E Green & Son Limited
E Shepherdson Esquire
East Ham Council
East Sussex County Council
Edwards Wyatt & Court (Installations) Limited
Elder Dempster Lines Limited
Ellis (Kensington) Limited
Ellis Mechanical Services (UK) Limited
Emcor Group Limited
Enertech Limited
English Electric Company Limited
Ernest Ireland (Homes) Limited
Essex Hospital
Essex International Limited
Esso Petroleum Company Limited
Ever Ready
Exel Limited
Expamet International Limited
Expanded Metal Company Limited

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F C Naylor & Son Limited
F G Skerritt Limited
F H Elbrow Limited
F J Jones Heating Engineers Limited
F W Hawker & Sons
Fawley Power Station
Fawley Refinery
Ferranti Limited
FKI Retford Ltd
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company Limited
Foster Wheeler (London) Limited
Foster Wheeler Limited
Freemans PLC
Fulham Power Station

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G E Wallis & Sons (Electrical) Limited
Galliford Southern Limited
Gas Light & Coke Company Limited
Gee Walker & Slater Limited
General Electric Company (GEC)
General Post Office (GPO)
George Angus & Company Limited
George Clarke & NEM Limited
George Cohen Sons & Company Limited
George Tanner
George Wimpey
George Wimpey & Company Limited
GKN Sankey Limited
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited
Goldington Power Station
Gospel Power Station
Grand Securities Limited
Great Gransden Trading Limited
Greater London Council
Grist Construction Limited
Gross Cash Registers

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H G Miles Limited
H Geddes & Sons Limited
H W Dutton
Halfacre & Young Limited
Halsen Asbestos & Engineering Company Limited
Hamilton Gilmour Sprayed Asbestos Limited
Harland & Woolfe
Hawkins Bros
Hayward & Wooster
Heelas Limited
Henry Luck Limited
Hill Construction Company Limited
Hillspan Construction Limited
HM Land Registry
HM Prison Service
HM Revenue & Customs
HMP Prison in Portland
Holliday Hall Limited
Horace Probert & Son Limited
Horatio Myer & Company Limited
Horseley Bridge
Household Container Limited

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I S L Contracting Limited
ICI Chemicals & Polymers Limited
ICI Limited
Imperial Chemicals Industries
Imperial College London
International Combustion Limited
International Harvesters
Isle of Grain Oil Refinery

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J & P Engineering Limited
J B Air Heating Limited
J Bibby & Sons Limited
J Hammond & Son Limited
J Jarvis & Sons Limited
J L Frayling
J L Usher
J Lyons & Company Limited
J T Meredith & Company Limited
J T Parsons Limited
J W Green (Painters) Limited
Jack Brook (Builders) Limited
James Howden & Company Limited
James Walker Group Limited
Jarretts Plasterers Limited
John Cashmere Limited
John How & Company Limited
John Hughes & Company (Heating) Limited
John Lewis Partnership
John Summers & Sons Steel Works
John Thompson (Design & Contracting Division) Limited
John Thompson (Water Tube Boilers) Limited
Johnson Mathey PLC
Johnson Sons & Jago Limited
Joseph Cockshoot (Ashton) Limited
Joseph Hawkyard & Sons Limited
Joseph Nadin Limited

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Keadby Power Station
Kelloggs International Corporation
Kenneth Hall (Builder) Limited
Key Pitch Fibre Limited
Key Terrain Limited
Kings North Power Station
Kitsons Insulation Limited
Kitsons Insulations Company Limited
Kitsons Insulations Limited

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Lancashire Steel Manufacturing Company Limited
Lancaster Prison
Lee Electric Lighting Limited
Leonard Cooper Limited
Littlebrook Power Station
London & Overseas Freighters Limited
London Borough of Greenwich
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
London Borough of Haringey
London Borough of Newham
London Borough of Southwark
London Borough of Waltham Forest
London Borough of Wandsworth
London Borough Waltham Forest
London County Council
London Docks
London Electricity Board
London Pensions Fund Authority
Lots Road Power Station
Lummus International Limited
Lynwood Motor Plant Company Limited

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Manchester Ship Canal Company Limited
Marryat Jackson Norris Limited
Martin & Company Limited
Mather and Platt
Matthew Hall & Company Limited
May & Willis Limited
McKechnie Household Products Limited
McKechnie Limited
Meggit Properties PLC
Merchant Navy
Michelin Tyre PLC
Midland Bus Company
Midland Heating & Ventilation Company Limited
Midland Red
Miller Insulation
Millwall Docks
Ministry of Aircraft Production
Ministry of Defence
Mitchell Construction Company Limited
Mole Richardson (England) Limited
Molton United Church of England Junior School
Mossley Road Service Station
Mrs Smiths Frozen Foods Limited

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National Dock Labour Board
National Grid Gas PLC
Network Rail
Newalls Insulation Company Limited
Norris Warming Company Limited
North East Shipbuilders Limited
North Eastern Gas
North Eastern Gas Board
North Thames Gas Board
Nottinghamshire County Council
Nu-Way Heating Plant Limited

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Oakfield Instruments
Ocean Steamship Company Limited
Old Gilbys Gin Distillery & Warehouse
Otis Elevator Company Limited

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P Drake, Grocock & Day
P O Wicks
P P M (Glasgow) Limited
Parsons Marine Turbine Company Limited
Peter Johnston Company (South Shields) Limited
Phoenix Electrical Company Limited
Pochins Limited
Pochins PLC
Port of Bristol Authority
Port of London Authority
Portsmouth Dock Yard
Prescot (No 1) Limited
Press Construction Limited
Primrose Dairy (Cornwall) Limited
Property Building Maintenance Company Limited
Prospect Engineering Limited

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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Mary


R & W Hawthorne Leslie Limited
R B Hilton
R Grigg Limited
R Grigg Wholesale Limited
R Harding (Cookham) Limited
R Holford & Company Limited
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
Reed Corrugated Cases Limited
Reed, Stock & Company Limited
Refractory Services Limited
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Reigate Corporation
Robert M Douglas
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce Industrial Power (India) Limited
Rolls Royce Limited
Rolls Royce PLC
Royal Mail Group
Royal Mail Group Limited
Royal Navy
Rubery Owen Company Limited
Rugby Cement Group Limited
RWE Npower PLC

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S Reece & Sons Limited
S Reece (Liverpool) Limited
S Rogers & Company Limited
Sadler & Sons (Ipswich) Realisations Limited
Samuel Courtauld & Company Limited
Samuel Elliott & Sons (Reading) Limited
Sandy & Company
Saragusa Frozen Foods Limited
SCA Euroliner Limited
Scalite Limited
Sealink UK Limited
Secretary of State for Health
Servotomic Limited
Sharp & Giles
Shell Mex
Shortly Bridge Hospital
Shsegl Realisations Limited
Siddeley Engines Limited
Sir Robert McAlpine Limited
Skanska Constructions (Regions) Limited
South Western Gas Board
South Eastern Electricity Board
South London Ductworks (Kayheat) Limited
South Molton School and Community College
Southampton Power Station
Southend Hospital
Southern Gas Networks PLC
Southwark Borough Council
Spondon Power Station
St Albans Gas Works
Staffordshire & Three Counties Engineering Company Limited
Stamford Motors
Star Aluminium
Staverton Construction
Steel Peach & Tozer
Stena Line Limited
Stephen Easten Limited
Straw Realisations (No1) Limited
Stuart Griffin Limited
Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited
Superheater Company Limited
Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Limited

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T & N Asbestos Trustee Company Limited
T Clarke & Company Limited
T Clarke PLC
T G Hills
T Partington & Son Limited
T S Industrial Developments Limited
T W Birks & Sons Limited
T&N UK Asbestos Trust
TAT Steel UK Limited
Tata Steel UK Limited
Telemeter Installations Limited
Telephone Cables
Telephone Cables Limited
Tesco PLC
The Car Guard Company Limited
The Chemical & Insulating Company Limited
The Mitchell Kinner Moodie Construction Group Limited
Thermos Limited
Thomas De La Rue
Thomas Piggot
Thomas W Ward Limited
Thomas Ward Ship Breakers
Tilbury Docks
Tom Fish (Cross Garage) Limited
Tottenham Borough Council
Trent Carriers Limited
Trent Carriers PLC
Troup Curtis & Company Limited
TT Electronics
Turriff Corporation PLC

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Union Pitch Fibres
United Engineering Steel Limited
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
United Kingdom Weapons Authority Establishment
Universal Asbestos Company Limited
Universal Asbestos Manufacturing Company Limited
Uxbridge Flint Brick Company Limited

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Vales Plant Register Limited
Versil Limited
Vickers Limited
Vickers-Armstrong Limited
Vickers-Armstrongs Shipbuilders Limited
Vincents of Reading
Vinters-Armstrongs Limited

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W & C French Construction Limited
W E Chivers Limited
W E Marson & Company Limited
W H J Alexander Limited
W J Jenkins & Company Ltd
W J Simms Sons & Cooke Limited
W Madden (Insulation) Limited
W Portsmouth & Company Limited
Warrington Borough Council
Wates Construction Limited
Wates Group Limited
Wates Maintenance Services Limited
Wellesley Colliery
Wernicks Buildings
West Auck No. 19 Limited
West Burton Power Station
West Thurrock Power Station
William Dibben & Sons
William Freer
William Kenyon & Sons Limited
William Press & Son
Wimbledon Sash Weight
Woolwich Ferry
Worcester Co-Operative Society Limited

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Yeo Valley Primary and Secondary School
Young & Company (Brewery) Limited
Young, Austen & Young Limited
Zink Company Limited


3P Design & Company Limited

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If you have worked for any of the companies listed and have recieved an asbestos related disease diagnosis then please get in touch with our experienced asbestos claims team to find out if you can make a compensation claim. Call us on 0800 884 0718 or email

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