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Industrial Disease
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Pleural plaques settled claims

Over the years, Boyes Turner's asbestos disease claims team has investigated and concluded many thousands of cases resulting from asbestos exposure including:


Compensation for former bricklayer exposed to asbestos
Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos related disease lawyers were instructed by Mr H in 2015 following his diagnosis of pleural effusions, an asbestos related disease.

£35,000 compensation recovered for power station worker with pleural plaques
Boyes Turner's expert industrial disease claim lawyers were instructed by Mr M who had worked in power stations as a handyman and as a builder’s labourer during which time he was heavily exposed to asbestos. Mr M was initially diagnosed with pleural plaques but subsequently diffuse pleural thickening and asbestosis.

£26,000 compensation for former Carrington power station worker
Boyes Turner's asbestos claims team were instructed by a former worker at Carrington Power Station in Manchester.

Compensation for labourer exposed to asbestos whilst employed by Council
Boyes Turner’s specialist asbestos lawyers made a successful claim for a man who was diagnosed with pleural thickening and pleural plaques after being exposed to asbestos during the course of his employment.

Provisional compensation awarded to heating engineer with pleural plaques
Boyes Turner's asbestos lawyers settled a claim on behalf of a man who has been diagnosed with pleural plaques, diffuse pleural thickening and rounded atelectasis.

Pleural plaques after asbestos exposure - £40,000 compensation recovered
Our asbestos claims team recovered £40,000 in compensation for a man who had developed pleural plaques and pleural thickening as a result of asbestos exposure whilst working as a heating and ventilation engineer.

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