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Our expert team are completely dedicated to undertaking asbestos claims and have extensive experience in making asbestos related lung cancer claims. 

The asbestos claims team at Boyes Turner is made up of some of the UK’s brightest and most effective specialist asbestos and mesothelioma claims solicitors. We work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

What is asbestos related lung cancer?

Around 10-15% of all lung cancers are small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and between 85 and 90% of lung cancers are non –small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Both types of lung cancer can be caused or contributed to by asbestos exposure.

It is known that people who smoke and are exposed to asbestos are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer. There is no clinical means of distinguishing between lung cancer caused by asbestos and lung cancer caused by smoking. However, there is very clear evidence that if a client has a 5% risk of developing lung cancer as a result of asbestos exposure and a 10% risk as a result of smoking, his or her combined risk is 50%.

The risk of developing lung cancer increases in direct proportion to the level of exposure to asbestos. Non-small cell carcinoma begins to grow on average about ten years before clinical signs appear; whereas, small cell carcinoma begins to develop about three years before clinical signs can be detected.

All asbestos exposure prior to the commencement of the growth of the tumour is significant.

Asbestos exposure and smoking

If someone has been exposed to asbestos and is diagnosed with lung cancer they may be able to pursue a claim for compensation (and may be entitled to government benefits), even if they have smoked. People who smoke and have been exposed to asbestos are at a significantly increased risk of developing lung cancer. The fact that they may have smoked does not mean that a claim will not succeed.

Smokers with asbestosis, fibrosis of the lungs resulting from breathing in asbestos fibres, have a very high risk of developing lung cancer.

Those who have not smoked but who have suffered asbestos exposure are also at risk of developing lung cancer.

Historically, there has been a presumption that lung cancer could not be attributed to asbestos unless it had been preceded by asbestosis (a separate asbestos related condition). However, research has confirmed that asbestos related lung cancer can occur in people who have not developed asbestosis. Some defendants continue to rely on the old (pre 1985) argument as a means of trying to limit their responsibility for exposure. However, research and epidemiological evidence counters this.

The criteria for attribution of lung cancer to asbestos exposure varies however, as a general rule, the higher the level of exposure, the more likely that a link between lung cancer and asbestos exposure can be established.

Can I claim asbestos related lung cancer compensation?

Where there is a possibility that asbestos has played a part in the development of lung cancer, get in touch with us to discuss making a claim. Where there is also evidence of pleural plaques or asbestos related diffuse pleural thickening, then again legal advice is also recommended.

When there is a death as a result of lung cancer, where asbestos is considered to have potentially played a part, then it is important that the local coroner is notified of the death and that a post mortem takes place. The lung tissue samples can be analysed for asbestos bodies which can, together with exposure history, prove an asbestos related lung cancer claim.

Have you helped others with asbestos related lung cancer?

We have many years of experience in recovering compensation through asbestos related lung cancer claims. Read our case studies to find out how we have helped others.

How much will it cost to bring a compensation claim?

We provide an initial consultation free of charge. At that meeting we can discuss and agree together how to fund the compensation claim. In the majority of cases, we can offer Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s or “no win, no fee”).

What should you do next?

We are happy to discuss the possibility of bringing a compensation claim, without any obligation to take matters further. This is also the case for the families of those who suffered in life with asbestos related lung cancer.

Available asbestos related lung cancer benefits

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

If you have lung cancer and asbestosis and/or worked with asbestos in certain high risk jobs then you may be entitled to apply for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits for asbestos related lung cancer. These occupations are:

  • The manufacture of asbestos textiles

  • Spraying asbestos

  • Asbestos insulation work

  • Applying or removing materials contained asbestos in the course of ship building, where all or any of the exposure occurs before 1 January 1975, for a period of, or periods which amount in aggregate to five years or more, or otherwise for a period of, or periods which amount in aggregate to ten years or more

How do I apply for these benefits?

We can assist in making applications for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. Please contact us at or call 0800 884 0718 for assistance.

What next?

If you have been diagnosed as suffering from asbestos related lung cancer we can help. Contact us on 0800 884 0718 or email and one of our team will be happy to discuss your claim. 

For further information please download our Asbestos Related Lung Cancer Claims Factsheet.

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